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Title: Price Guide
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Dubaholics Price Guide

Donator Scrolls:
Sapphire Scroll: 100T
Emerald Scroll: 250T
Ruby Scroll: 500T
Diamond Scroll: 4Q
Dragonstone Scroll: 20Q

Clue Scrolls, Caskets, Keys:
(Money) Casket: 2-6T
(Clue) Casket:20T
(easy) Clue Scroll: 20T
Slayer Key: 20T
Slayer Casket: 20T
Crystal Key: N/A
Boss Key: 5T
Artillery Box: 500-800B
Telios Gateway Stone: 200T

Upgrade items:
Scroll of Efficiency: 30-40T
Monster Fragments:  20b
Boss Fragments: 100B
Upgrade Shard: 100-200B
Mystical edge shard: N/A
Mystical hilt shard: N/A
Mystery Boxes
(Wings) Mystery Box: 500B-1T
Donkey Mystery Box: 2-3T
Bandos Avatar Mystery Box: 5T
Baphomet Mystery Box: 5T
Abbadon Mystery Box: 5T
Infernal Groudon Mystery Box: 5T
Mewtwo Mystery Box: 500T
Le'fosh Mystery Box: 10T
Dragonix Mystery Box: 500T
Pet Mystery Box: 75T
Donator Mystery Box: 75T
Lucky Donator Mystery Box: N/A

Pet Sonic: 200T
Pet Mr. Krabs: 200T
Pet Pikachu: 200T
Pet Hobo: 1Q
Pet Nutella: 1Q
Pet Mayonaise: 1Q
Pet Goku: 1Q
Pet Vegeta: 1Q
Pet Infartico: 5Q
Pet Darth Vader: 5Q
Junior Executioner: 8-10Q
Dyre Wolf Necklace: 500T-1Q
Blood Necklace: 500T-1Q
Collectors Necklace: 1.5Q

Immortal Cape: 1Q
Brutal Tokhaar-kar: 1Q
Eternal Cape: 2Q
Berserker Cape: N/A
Archer's Cape: N/A
Seers Cape: N/A
Darklord Cape: 40Q
Winged Donator cape: N/A

Melee Weapons:
Laser Sword: 500B
Upgraded Laser Sword: 700B-1T
Dark Predator Scythe: 1.5T
Deadly Dragonslayer Blade: 5T
Shadow Assassin Blade: 15T
Nature Sword: 15T
Forest Sword: 30T
Trio Longsword: 50T
Water Blade: 75T
Blood Godsword: 10T
Shadow Brutal Whip: 300-400T
Blade of Death: 400T
Baphomet Drygore Off-hand: 150-200T
Google chrome sword: 1.5Q
Blood Glaive: 5Q
Blood Off-Hand Glaive: 5Q
Dath Vader's Glaive: 7.5Q
Icy Glaive: 5-8Q
Purple Glaive: 5-8Q
Draven Scythe: 30-40Q
Merks Bane: 500Q+

Magic Weapons:
Oblivion Scythe: 10T
Water Staff: 75T
Infernal Staff: 100T
Abyssal Wand: 400-500T
LB Staff: 40-50Q

Ranged Weapons:
Blood Sniper: 10T
Blood Dual Beretta: 10T
Dual Beretta: N/A
Invervention Sniper Rifle: 10T
Dark Minigun: 25T
Infernal Minigun: 100-125T
Galaxy Minigun: 1Q
Dragon Minigun: 4-5Q
Infernal M16 mh: 100-125T
Infernal M16 oh: 100-125T
Water Bow: 75T
Dark Lord's Bow: 300-400T
Animal Bow: 500T-1Q
Right Destroyer: 25-30Q
Left Destroyer: 50-60Q

Boots & Gloves:
Berserker Gloves: 1-1.5Q
Berserker Boots: 1-1.5Q
Seers Gloves: 1-1.5Q
Seers Boots: 1-1.5Q
Archer Gloves 1-1.5Q
Archer Boots:  1-1.5Q

Beginner Dragon Set: 500B a piece
Dark Predator Set: 1.5T a piece
Deadly Dragonslayer Set: 5T a piece
Shadow DragonSlayer Set: 15T a piece
Nature Torva Set: 15T a piece
Forest Torva Set 30T a piece
Oblivion Set: 10T a piece
Dark Depature Set: 25T a piece
Trio set: 50T a piece
Blood Depature Set: 75T a piece
Infernal Set: 100-125T a piece
Baphomet set: 150-175T a piece
Void Set: 500-750T a piece
Elite Void Set: 10Q a piece
Animal Set: 500T a piece
Dragonrage Set: 500T a piece
Drakkon's Set: N/A
Shadowlord Set: 1Q a piece
Goku Set: 2Q a piece
Vegeta Set: 2Q a piece
Darth Vader Set: 7.5Q a piece
Executioner Set: 400-500T a piece
LB Set T1: 10Q a piece
Draven Set T1: 10Q a piece
Superior Set T1: 10Q a piece
LB Set T2: 20-40Q a piece
Draven Set T2: 20-40Q a piece
Superior Set T2: 20-40Q a piece

Lucky Teddybear: 5-8Q

!!These prices are subject to change overtime!!