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Update Logs / Weekly update log 24/8/2019
« Last post by Dubaholic on August 24, 2019, 02:04:05 am »
Updates are done by Gameruk, Encrypt and Mike, not by me. I just post them here.

- Increased the cast speed of Golden mystik staff and Emperors Staff.

-  Burnt Chest - new items have been added in which include upgrade shards, scroll of effeciencys, donation boxes, pet boxes, infernal mh and oh, collector necklace and many many more

- Upgrade machine has had a new interface plus items have been re-worked.

- Dagganoth Supreme gives x1 damage boost now to all combat types.
Mayonnaise Pet gives 1.3
hobo Pet gives 1.3
 nutella pet gives 1.3

Will bring more pets out eventually

The numbers are the bonus damage they give on task.
Regular slayer helm  - 1.25
Slayer Helm 1 - 1.35
 Slayer Helm 2 - 1.45
Slayer Helm 3 - 1.55
Slayer Helm 4 - 1.65
Slayer Helm 5 - 1.75

Also goku gives a x3 dmg boost for melee and vegeta gives x3 for range, both are a bit stronger than evoid but not as strong as the superior/draven and lb sets

- Animal set gives x1 range damage bonus
Dragonrage gives x1.3

- Teleport interface is now fixed

- The true maxhit now will show

- Released a launcher, you will never need a new client again

- Slayer npcs now show the level needed to use that master

- Mid tier zone and Telos boss zone been added into game

- new recolour to teleport interface has been done also
Have a nice weekend! <3
Guides / Price Guide
« Last post by Dubaholic on August 18, 2019, 10:21:22 am »
Dubaholics Price Guide

Donator Scrolls:
Sapphire Scroll: 100T
Emerald Scroll: 250T
Ruby Scroll: 500T
Diamond Scroll: 4Q
Dragonstone Scroll: 20Q

Clue Scrolls, Caskets, Keys:
(Money) Casket: 2-6T
(Clue) Casket:20T
(easy) Clue Scroll: 20T
Slayer Key: 20T
Slayer Casket: 20T
Crystal Key: N/A
Boss Key: 5T
Artillery Box: 500-800B
Telios Gateway Stone: 200T

Upgrade items:
Scroll of Efficiency: 30-40T
Monster Fragments:  20b
Boss Fragments: 100B
Upgrade Shard: 100-200B
Mystical edge shard: N/A
Mystical hilt shard: N/A
Mystery Boxes
(Wings) Mystery Box: 500B-1T
Donkey Mystery Box: 2-3T
Bandos Avatar Mystery Box: 5T
Baphomet Mystery Box: 5T
Abbadon Mystery Box: 5T
Infernal Groudon Mystery Box: 5T
Mewtwo Mystery Box: 500T
Le'fosh Mystery Box: 10T
Dragonix Mystery Box: 500T
Pet Mystery Box: 75T
Donator Mystery Box: 75T
Lucky Donator Mystery Box: N/A

Pet Sonic: 200T
Pet Mr. Krabs: 200T
Pet Pikachu: 200T
Pet Hobo: 1Q
Pet Nutella: 1Q
Pet Mayonaise: 1Q
Pet Goku: 1Q
Pet Vegeta: 1Q
Pet Infartico: 5Q
Pet Darth Vader: 5Q
Junior Executioner: 8-10Q
Dyre Wolf Necklace: 500T-1Q
Blood Necklace: 500T-1Q
Collectors Necklace: 1.5Q

Immortal Cape: 1Q
Brutal Tokhaar-kar: 1Q
Eternal Cape: 2Q
Berserker Cape: N/A
Archer's Cape: N/A
Seers Cape: N/A
Darklord Cape: 40Q
Winged Donator cape: N/A

Melee Weapons:
Laser Sword: 500B
Upgraded Laser Sword: 700B-1T
Dark Predator Scythe: 1.5T
Deadly Dragonslayer Blade: 5T
Shadow Assassin Blade: 15T
Nature Sword: 15T
Forest Sword: 30T
Trio Longsword: 50T
Water Blade: 75T
Blood Godsword: 10T
Shadow Brutal Whip: 300-400T
Blade of Death: 400T
Baphomet Drygore Off-hand: 150-200T
Google chrome sword: 1.5Q
Blood Glaive: 5Q
Blood Off-Hand Glaive: 5Q
Dath Vader's Glaive: 7.5Q
Icy Glaive: 5-8Q
Purple Glaive: 5-8Q
Draven Scythe: 30-40Q
Merks Bane: 500Q+

Magic Weapons:
Oblivion Scythe: 10T
Water Staff: 75T
Infernal Staff: 100T
Abyssal Wand: 400-500T
LB Staff: 40-50Q

Ranged Weapons:
Blood Sniper: 10T
Blood Dual Beretta: 10T
Dual Beretta: N/A
Invervention Sniper Rifle: 10T
Dark Minigun: 25T
Infernal Minigun: 100-125T
Galaxy Minigun: 1Q
Dragon Minigun: 4-5Q
Infernal M16 mh: 100-125T
Infernal M16 oh: 100-125T
Water Bow: 75T
Dark Lord's Bow: 300-400T
Animal Bow: 500T-1Q
Right Destroyer: 25-30Q
Left Destroyer: 50-60Q

Boots & Gloves:
Berserker Gloves: 1-1.5Q
Berserker Boots: 1-1.5Q
Seers Gloves: 1-1.5Q
Seers Boots: 1-1.5Q
Archer Gloves 1-1.5Q
Archer Boots:  1-1.5Q

Beginner Dragon Set: 500B a piece
Dark Predator Set: 1.5T a piece
Deadly Dragonslayer Set: 5T a piece
Shadow DragonSlayer Set: 15T a piece
Nature Torva Set: 15T a piece
Forest Torva Set 30T a piece
Oblivion Set: 10T a piece
Dark Depature Set: 25T a piece
Trio set: 50T a piece
Blood Depature Set: 75T a piece
Infernal Set: 100-125T a piece
Baphomet set: 150-175T a piece
Void Set: 500-750T a piece
Elite Void Set: 10Q a piece
Animal Set: 500T a piece
Dragonrage Set: 500T a piece
Drakkon's Set: N/A
Shadowlord Set: 1Q a piece
Goku Set: 2Q a piece
Vegeta Set: 2Q a piece
Darth Vader Set: 7.5Q a piece
Executioner Set: 400-500T a piece
LB Set T1: 10Q a piece
Draven Set T1: 10Q a piece
Superior Set T1: 10Q a piece
LB Set T2: 20-40Q a piece
Draven Set T2: 20-40Q a piece
Superior Set T2: 20-40Q a piece

Lucky Teddybear: 5-8Q

!!These prices are subject to change overtime!!
Update Logs / Weekly update log 17/8/2019
« Last post by Dubaholic on August 17, 2019, 01:54:28 pm »
Updates are done by Gameruk, Encrypt and Mike, not by me. I just post them here.

- Fixed spawn time for infartic and dart vader.

- Added boss points to the new zone bosses.

- Fixed all clue scrolls with new positions.

- Buffed drops for newzone bosses for the tickets

- Baphomet now drops a new armour set plus 3 different weapons a mage, melee and range, should head here once you have the trio set.

- Slayer points have been buffed for all tasks.

- Marvel mystery boxes added to donation store, can also be obtained in custom raid. [You have a chance to get any piece of vegeta or goku or some junk] GL!

- All npcs have a chance to give boss keys now

- Shadowlord and new zone bosses can be farmed for 1q tickets

- Each donator rank now gives 1 extra boss point so example:  player = 1, sapphire = 2, emerald = 3, ruby = 4, diamond = 5, dragonstone = 6

- Draven set T1, Draven set T2, Superior set T1, Superior set T2, LB set T1 and LB set T2 have formulas now workinjg like void, so original void gives 1.5 and elite void 3.0, T1 gives 2.0 and T2 gives 4.0

- boss shop now has t1 sets

- As a dragonstone donator, when in Olm minigame final room, once used to key on chets has a 0 - 60% chance to not be teled out of the final room

- Slayer shop now has more stock

- Blade of death is now tradeable

- Double drop rate has been increased due to a bug in most boxes doubling items when 100% Double drop rate.

- Le'fosh now spawns every 15seconds after been killed and now gives boss points.

- Right Restroyer has been fixed and is now working as it should be.

- Well of goodwill now gives 10% drop rate aswell as 10% double droprate now.

- Bug fixed that was found with duo slayer by a generous player who reported it without abusing to thanks to Jabux for this.

- Slayer tasks have had a increase in the amount of npcs you will get

- Fixed all mystery boxes where they was always giving items with 100% drop rate.

- All bosses and monster drops have been worked on, lets see how it goes now.
Guides / Pet Guide
« Last post by Dubaholic on August 16, 2019, 01:43:07 pm »
Dubaholic's Pet Guide:
Thermy                          0 Droprate
                                      Getable From Thermonuclear Dust Devil at ::dragonstone
Kalphite Queen                  0 Droprate
                                     Getable from Pet Boxes.
Dagannoth Prime          0 Droprate
                                 Getable from Pet Boxes.
Dagannoth Rex         0 Droprate
                             Getable from Pet Boxes.
K'ril tsutsaroth         0 Droprate
                                Getable from Pet Boxes.
Tormented demon        0 Droprate
                                    Getable from Pet Boxes.
Chaos Elemental              0 Droprate
                                    Getable from Pet Boxes.
Kree'arra                     0 Droprate
                                Getable from Pet Boxes.
Green Dragon          0 Droprate
                            Getable from Pet Boxes.
Blue Dragon           0 Droprate
                              Getable from Pet Boxes.
Frost Dragon             0 Droprate
                                 Getable from Pet Boxes & Dropped by Frost Dragons at ::diamond.
Abbadon                     0 Droprate
                                Getable from Pet Boxes & Dropped by Abbadon.
Corporeal Beast        0 Droprate
                             Getable from Pet Boxes.
Monkey                 0 Droprate
                          Getable from Pet Boxes.
Bandos Avatar       0 Droprate
                              Getable from Pet Boxes & Dropped by Bandos Avatar.
Commander Zilyana   0 Droprate
                                 Getable from Pet Boxes.
Nex                             0 Droprate
                                 Getable from Pet Boxes.
Desert Strikerwyrm   0 Droprate
                             Getable from Pet Boxes.
Ice Strikerwyrm    0 Droprate
                             Getable from Pet Boxes.
Deadly Dragonslayer  0 Droprate
                                  Getable from Pet Boxes.
General Graardor           0 Droprate
                                     Getable from Pet Boxes.
Donkey Kong                 0 Droprate
                                 Getable from Pet Boxes & Dropped by Allan.
Light Creature         0 Droprate
                            Getable from Pet Boxes.
Slash Bash              0 Droprate
                                Getable from Pet Boxes.
Phoenix                       0 Droprate
                                    Getable from Pet Boxes.
Homer                        0 Droprate
                              Getable from Pet Boxes.
Yoda                     0 Droprate
                          Getable from Pet Boxes.
Luigi                      0 Droprate
                              Getable from Pet Boxes.
Hell Bat                    0 Droprate
                                Getable from Pet Boxes.
Morty:                        0 Droprate
                               Getable from Pet Boxes.
Gozilla:                  3 Droprate
                           Getable from Donator Boxes.
Mr. Krabs            5 Droprate
                           Getable from Pet Boxes.
Pikachu                  5 Droprate
                              Getable from Pet Boxes.
Sonic                       5 Droprate
                                Getable from Pet Boxes.
Mayonaise               7.5 Droprate
                            Getable from upgrading Sonic Pet.
Nutella                7.5 Droprate
                        Getable from upgrading Mr. Krabs Pet.
Hobo                  7.5 Droprate
                           Getable from upgrading Pikachu Pet.
Goku                     5 Droprate, Attacks your opponets with you.
                              Dropped by Goku.
Vegeta                     5 Droprate, Attacks you opponents with you.
                                 Dropped by Vegeta.
Forums rank approval / Format - Read before posting.
« Last post by Dubaholic on August 16, 2019, 12:03:55 pm »
To get your rank approved you will have to provide a screenshot of this information:

Approval can take 24 hours, but usually our staff is pretty active and will take almost no time at all!

Many Regards, The RebelionX Staff Team.
Suggestions / Slayer improvements
« Last post by Dubaholic on August 16, 2019, 11:56:29 am »
First of all an option to extend your slayer task. costing 50-100 points each but giving more points upon finishing them.

An option to ban a slayer tasks, example you keep getting Bandos Avatar, your sick of it so you can pay 50-100 slayer points to never get that task again.
Guides / Starter Guide
« Last post by Dubaholic on August 15, 2019, 01:01:29 pm »
Dubaholic's starter guide!
First of all, Welcome to RebelionX, hope you are having a great time on our server!
If you have any suggestions: "We listen to our players"

First interface you see when you join is this one:

Normal mode you get no extra droprate, you are able to bank, trade and use ::pos.
Ironman mode you get 7 droprate and 6 bonus pest control points every game.
You are not allowed to trade but can use ::pos though. you cannot pickup items from other players.

Ultimate Ironman mode you get 7 droprate and 6 bonus pest control points every game.
In addition to normal Ironmen, you cannot bank, this gamemode is for the players that love the impossible.

Next lets examine your starter inventory!

You start with a good set of starter gear, potions, food, money and runes.
First you have your basic potions, Strenght, Attack, Defence and Restore potions, and your Manta Rays!
Then you have your melee gear giving you a decent bit of bonusses. good to start killing monsters!
Then you have your range items, I'd personally start of with the Assault rifle and ditch the bow and arrow, since the Assault rifle is way better!
Then you have your Mage gear and runes!

Next up i'm showing you how to get more potions and food, Where to upgrade your items, how and last of all the slayer npc's!

This is a map of our ::home, These are the slayermasters ::slayer, These are the shops ::shops, This is the Burnt Chest where you use your Boss Keys to get your reward, This is the Well of Goodwill wich when activated for 500K Bill Tickets grants everyone Online 10% Droprate and 10% Double Droprate for 2 Hours. This is the Upgrade Machine, ::upgrade, this machine us used to upgrade all your upgradeable gear.

These are the items used to upgrade any upgradeable item. Adviced to save these up!

This lady "Healer" will sell you any consumable!
Slayer is adviced todo as a new player, really cool rewards you can get from doing slayer!

This is the Easy slayer master, this will give you really easy slayer tasks! level 1 Slayer needed.
This is the Medium slayer master, this will give you medium slayer tasks Level 50 Slayer needed.
This is the Hard slayer master, This will give you the highest monsters in the "Monster tab". Level 80 Slayer needed.
This is the Elite slayer master, This will give you early game boss tasks. Level 90 Slayer needed.
This is the Boss slayer master, This will give you any boss we have as a task. Level 92 Slayer needed.
This is how to change slayermasters and teleport to the:
Click on your Slayer Skill, and then this will come up: 'Explains itself.'

Next up i will explain you how to start killing anything! and how to get there!

Click on the worldmap button and then this will come up:


First we have our Normal monsters. starting at Lucario, this monster will give you easy drops like the Beginner Dragon set, the 4 coloured Lazer Blades wich are upgradeable with Monster fragments, Boss keys wich you can open at home at the burnt chest right over the bridge, and Billtickets! Then comes Charmelion, wich drops billtickets also but mainly a Artillery box wich gives a variation of guns for Range and Mystery box wich gives fashionscape wings! then you have Squirtle wich gives you the Predetor set, bosskeys and billtickets.Then you have the Blood Reaver wich gives the Deadlydragonslayer set, bosskeys and Billtickets. Then comes Allan, wich drops a Mystery box each kill that can give you the nature torva set, it also drops billtickets and the Donkey Kong PET! then comes Aurelia wich drops the Oblivion set and billtickets. Then comes Belerion wich drops the awesome Dark Depature set, Dark Minigun wich is good for range and to upgrade to Infernal Minigun, and billtickets. then comes the last normal monster Livyathann, Livy's drop Trio gear and Water weapons, all Melee, Range and Magic! wich is the best set to start bossing with! Then we have our Boss of the normal monsters Rick, from Rick and Morty! Rick drops Boots and gloves for all skills, Melee, Range and Magic, these are ranked 4th best gloves and boots.

For the bosses we have:
Make sure you "Soulsplit" at every boss, otherwise you might get slapped around.

-Bandos avatar dropping Bandos Avatar Mboxes giving Trio Gear, Bandos Avatar pet and Instance that will spawn the boss wherever you want.

-Abbadon dropping Abbadon Mboxes giving Blood Armour thats T3 Ranged, godsword, bloodsniper, it also drop a Abbadon Pet!

-Infernal Groudon drops Infernal Groudon Mboxes that will give you Infernal Armour Thats pretty good gives you a infernal minigun thats a really good Ranged weapon.

-Baphoment drops Baphomet Mboxes that will give Baphomet Armour that is better then Trio Armour, drop normal and Infernal Minigun, Dropping Shadow lord gear wich is slightly better then Baphomet armour, Blade of deeath being the best melee weapon i meantioned so far in the guide, Infernal Staff is dropped aswell being a really good Mage weapon the upgrade from Water Staff.

-MewTwo is T3 Range dropping MewTwo Mboxes giving you Animal armour and a good bow! it also drops Pet and Donator Mboxes it also drops Dragonrage Boots that are the best range boots so far mentioned in the guide.

-Le'fosh drops a Le'fosh Mbox giving Tickets most of the time, but also normal row to row 2, can give Scrolls of Efficiency, Emerald Scroll rarely and pet/donator Mboxes. the boss also just drops Donator and pet Mboxes.

-Vladimir the most farmed low end boss dropping a really good whip T5 Shadow Brutal Whip, and also a Corrupted Ring of Wealth wich is the best row in the game giving 35% Droprate.

-Dragonix dropping only a Dragonix Mbox giving Dragonrage set T4 Range and a Dragonrage Blowpipe! Caution, The boxes are a rare drop, but every box gives something.

-Yeti Dropping capes and amulets, Brutal TokHaar-Kal being a good Range Cape, Immortal cape being Melee, Dyre Wolf necklace being melee, Blood necklace being Ranged. Caution! for a drop you'll be there for a while.

-Cyrisus, BOXZONE! Defenately worth killing as it drops 6 types of boxes and 4 of them every kill! Bandos Avatar, Abbadon, Baphomet and Infernal Groudon dropping 100% and Pet/Donator boxes rarely! This boss is good to make money!

-Drakkon dropping T6 Melee set, Drakkon gear and a good cape for Melee that comes above the Immortal Cape. Dropping a Instance that can have you spawning the boss anywhere! This boss also drops Pet/Donator boxes rarely!

-Shadowlord dropping T5 Melee set Shadowlord set, Magma Protector and a Magma Blade! This boss is also the first one in the list to drop 1 Quadrillion tickets, drops pet/donator Mboxes and a Instance that will make you able to spawn this boss anywhere!

-Goku dropping T7 Melee gear being the best so far in the guide! also drops a Goku Pet that will give you 7.5 Droprate and will attack opponents with you!

-Vegeta dropping T5 Range gear best so far in the guide! also drops a Vegeta Pet that will give you 7.5 Droprate and will attack opponents with you!

-Infatico "MULTIBOSS" dropping Blood Mainhand and Off-Hand Glaive being T8 Melee best in the Guide so far! it also drops Berserker, Seers and Archer Capes that are also the best in the list! Dropping a Infartico Pet wich its bonusses are unknown atm for me.

-Darth Vader "MULTIBOSS" Dropping T8 Hybrid Darth Vader set and a Darth Vader's Glaive!

Suggestions / Highscores idea
« Last post by Dubaholic on August 15, 2019, 12:39:02 pm »
*Total of each monster killed
*Your skills and how much you prestiged it.
*top amount of damage done
*top voters all time
Suggestions / Monthly top voter.
« Last post by Dubaholic on August 15, 2019, 12:27:07 pm »
Top voter should get a reward by the end of the month! <3
Bug Report / My bug report list.
« Last post by Dubaholic on August 14, 2019, 08:03:52 pm »
-Blood Phat goes into the legs slot instead of Head slot.

-Notice Attack doesnt have a capital "A"

But Herblore does have a capital "H"

-When you are fletching it says what the original log name bow but makes light, earth bow ect, shouldnt the name on the popup be the custom name ?

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